World Champion Paragliding Ready to Split Manado Sky From Mount Tetempangan

MINAHASA, – After success bring Franchois Sagorki to give some practice lesson for North Sulawesi paragliding community. Now Kawanua Paragliding Comunity (KPC) who have a base camp in “Manado Skyline Tatempangan Hill” at Koha village, Mandolang District, Minahasa Regency, North Sulawesi Province, Indonesia has present the world best freestyler of Acro paragliding 2017, Théo De blic from France.

On the Top of Tatempangan (North Sulawesi, Indonesia) Théo Be Blic will do on perform many extreme Tricks and combo who will make audience amazed and stunning to saw him in the sky as like as splitting Manado horizon from the top of Tatempangan.

Théo De Blic have his own tricks and combos whose never seen before like the Twisted Unnatural Looping become Twisted Opposite, MacTwist become Helico or the Twisted SAT become Twisted Joker and the Opposite Twisted MacTwist become Heli.

Head of Kawanua Paragliding Community (KPC) Frangky Kowaas said that ‘the point’ of why they brough Theo De Bric to “Manado Skyline Tatempangan Hill” actually to be a mentor to do Simulate Incident De Vol (SIV) course and Paragliding ACRO when it will be held from september 28th until november 8th on 2017.

“SIV was a standart procedure for all the Paragliding pilot any where in the world, I hope after take SIV lesson all paragliding pilot can understand and can solve any problem during they fly using paragliding tool’s.” Said Frangky Kowaas who have a nick name ‘Tuama Penakluk Tantangan'(Conquering Men’s Challenge).

Until now, Animo paragliding athletes with SIV training lesson is quite large because participants who register themselves have reached 50 pilots from all over Indonesia and 1 Pilot from Singapore.

So for the people of North Sulawesi and in particular the Minahasa Region and Manado City areas don’t miss it, all you can see first hand and become part of Theo De Blic extreme attraction in Manado Skyline Tatempangan Hill until October 8th.

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